The Boundary Shield Project

The Boundary Shields Project 

Live & ZOOM Workshops

I am only offering private workshops at this time, if you have a group or a few friends that would like to participate, please contact me directly and we can plan the dates together.


Through the Boundary Shield Workshop, artist Zon Carvalho guides participants through an engaging, creative process that fortifies the supportive space needed to move into limitless living. Creating healthy boundaries is essential to connecting to the heart’s true desire and delving into the deeper question of who we are. From inside the creative portal, we begin to dream of what we are becoming.


02. Participants will:

• Be led through a guided meditation to quiet the mind, become grounded and access their creative spirit

• Understand what boundaries are and why they are important

• Identify their desired boundaries and the obstacles that arise in creating them

• Learn what can be done with the space created within healthy boundaries

• Define their strengths and skills as symbols of personal power and limiting belief systems

• Be inspired to have and enforce their boundaries

• Paint a unique and personal boundary shield that will act as an amulet to empower and protect


03. Formats (2 Hours)

 • In person: all supplies to be furnished by the artist, limited to 15 participants

• Zoom: supplies to be purchased by participants, limited to 5 participants


1 - 11" x 14" canvas board (suggested size, you can choose any size) 

2- Acrylic paint + brushes -

3- Color markers

4- Water container for your brushes

5- Rags, paper towels

* Art or craft stores have all these products and they are fairly inexpensive 


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About ZON.   

Zon is a powerful and dynamic Brazilian-born artist who playfully takes people deep into his creative process so that they can experience the regenerative connection between self-exploration and self-expression. He embodies a thrilling, thriving and empowered philosophy that inspires people to step into their creator ship and start living from their greatest potential